Progress Report: START

Hey! Remember when I said I'd try make 2 videos a month? Simple math tells us that this comes out to about 1 video every 2 weeks. So, it's been 2 weeks, where is it SomaZ, you lazy f***?

Well, it's ACTUALLY in the making! Not done yet though. So to help keep you in the loop, and to hold myself accountable, I decided on a new commitment to post an update on the progress any time I don't meet the 2 week deadline. Furthermore, every week after that I will make another update should the video still not be done, until it is actually out. Going forward, I'll post them on Sundays, most likely late at night, so you can check back here on Mondays to see what's up.

So, to put it short: Best case scenario - you get a video every 2 weeks (and a post here accompanying its release). Worst case - you get an update on the progress after 2 weeks, and then every single week after, FOREVER. Well, maybe the real worst case is if I stop posting altogether 😂 Although I promise I'll at the very least let you know before I do.

Now, the actual progress! Spoiler alert if you want to go in fresh, the next video will be about... Danganronpa 2! As with the last video, it requires no prior knowledge of the game so don't worry. It won't be another "What's up With", so it won't go into a lot of analytical detail, it'll be a more casual video of my entire playthrough, and, like with Dark Souls, most likely the only video I'll make about the game.

I've currently finished the most "boring" part of the job, that is, going through the 33 hours of footage and finding and cutting out all the "potentially interesting" parts to be used. It looks something like this:
My estimate is that at least 80% of this will be thrown into the trash where it belongs, the rest will be cut into shape and infused with some cringey memes. I'm shooting for a length of 15-20 minutes and the HOPE is that it'll be done by the end of this week! If not, well... You'll find out why on this page 🙂

Sorry for the delay and hopefully cya in a week!

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