Progress Report #2

The 2 week deadline has been missed! As promised, here's an update 😅 The video footage for the game I'll be showing has been recorded, but the editing has not started yet, that's the bad news. I have somewhat legitimate reasons for this, but not THAT legitimate, so I won't bore you with excuses for now, maybe later (if it turns out to be a bigger deal than I thought)!

The good news, though, is that I've decided to definitely 100% make this video short. I'm currently aiming for 10 minutes, with 15 minutes being the absolute MAX (I promise this time). Hopefully that will make up for the exceedingly long vids so far. I can give a sneak peak in terms of the style: I'll be going over a game that released recently in some detail (style will be more casual than WUW Dark Souls 3, but less casual than Danganronpa 2). In terms of timelines, I'm aiming for 1 week from this post for the video to be done, so see you next week, hopefully with the actual video and not another progress report!

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