Progress Report #2.6: Hades 1.0 Edition

This week I spent being a bit lazy, going to some doctors (but who are we kidding, it's an excuse, really ;D) and playing Hades 1.0 which just released out of early access. Good news is: I recorded some Hades gameplay for a video that's going to be about something related to Hades (but not really the game itself)! Should be a pretty good one, most likely I'll make it after this next one is done. Bad news is: Another week with no video. Not gonna lie, FeelsBadMan, which is good, because it's more motivation to get back on track.

Video SHOULD be ready next week (I hope). Also, if you haven't heard of or played Hades, trust me, go play it. Now is the best time to do it, it's an amazing game that should appeal to a huge number of people, and it's not very well known so you can feel extra hip when you play it.

234 thoughts on “Progress Report #2.6: Hades 1.0 Edition

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