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Progress Report #2.8: Bad News Edition

Oh boy, I expected to maybe not have the video ready yet but what happened is actually somehow much worse…

Progress Report #2.7: Too Damn Long Edition

The title is both a play on how long this video is taking, and an update on the current state..

Progress Report #2.6: Hades 1.0 Edition

This week I spent being a bit lazy, going to some doctors (but who are we kidding, it’s an excuse,..

Progress Report #2.5: Still in progress edition!

Sorry, as you might now know, this update means that the video is not there yet 😅 BUT, it IS..

Progress Report #2

The 2 week deadline has been missed! As promised, here’s an update 😅 The video footage for the game I’ll..

Danganronpa 2: Bags of Sand Edition

Holy smokes, it’s finally here! It was almost ready earlier this week, but me being me I ran into some..

Progress Report: START

Hey! Remember when I said I’d try make 2 videos a month? Simple math tells us that this comes out..

What’s Up With: Dark Souls 3

  Holy smokes, a video, and it only took me WAY TOO LONG to make it! 😲   This is..